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Apr. 30th, 2016 09:29 pm
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P L A Y E R;
NAME: Nick
AGE: 33
CONTACT: kbrighton on plurk
OTHER CHARACTERS PLAYED: (only applicable if you already play in the game)

C H A R A C T E R;
NAME: Tsukasa Kadoya
CANON: Kamen Rider Decade
POINT IN CANON: Post Kamen Rider Taisen
AGE: 23
CANON HISTORY: Tsukasa Kadoya
CANON PERSONALITY:Tsukasa Kadoya is odd, for a Kamen Rider. Where most of them are anti-social, in some way, shape, or form, Tsukasa seems to take it to the extreme. He is arrogant, willful, and hypocritical, often calling people out for things that he himself has done. He cares little for his mission, and even less for the people that he comes in contact with on the worlds that he travels to, wanting nothing but to get finished with his mission and move on, moving one step closer to his own world. A lot of this comes from the fact that, before he lost his memories, he was the ruthless leader of a trans-dimensional organization known as Dai-Shocker, and he had the intention of traveling the world to destroy the only things that could stop them, the Kamen Riders.
Despite his aloof nature, Tsukasa has a driving need to be accepted. He has a need for people to acknowledge his abilities, as well as a need for people to trust him. He wants to find a place to belong, and a group of people that will accept him as he is. While he attempts to put on an air of negativity, once you get past that part of him, you'll find that he is both a strong ally, and a determined friend. He will sacrifice everything that he has for an ally, even going so far as sacrificing himself so that they can survive. He would do it with a smirk and a sarcastic remark, but he would do it willingly and without a second thought.
Tsukasa is very aggressive. He usually attempts to make the first attack, and isn't the type to hold back when he's fighting. He's the type of warrior who feels that the best type of fight is one that's finished with one strike. He doesn't fight fair, and will be more than willing to take a cheap shot and mock his enemy if it would give him an edge in battle. His role is to be the destroyer of worlds, so that the multiverse can be saved, and the world that he started on would be restored to normal. It should be noted that he does still have some level of honor in battle, though, as he won't go out of his way to cripple someone who's injured, nor does he like killing a regular human.
Tsukasa's role as the Destroyer is counteracted by role as the connector. He's not a fan of the role of Kamen Rider Decade, because all of the riders that he is supposed to destroy are also people that he has formed a connection with. He, to some extent, hates himself as much as he hates his mission, as he really doesn't want to be a bad guy anymore; he wants to be the leading man of a story. In his mind, he is the only person who is capable of keeping the memories of the previous Riders alive. It is his desire to keep everyone alive that is his greatest redeeming quality, as well as the lengths that he will go to do so, even sacrificing his very soul to do so. He does this for people whom he has formed a bond with. He does this for people who are his family. They may be from different worlds, and different times, but the bond of the Kamen Rider is something powerful, and through it, they are family.

In the years that he’s lived since his journey ended, Tsukasa Kadoya has softened quite a bit. While he still puts on an outward appearance of arrogance, that quickly fades when he meets young Riders or Sentai. He’s come to terms with his past, both as the leader of Dai Shocker and the Destroyer, and that has given him a more positive outlook on life in general.

ABILITIES: Tsukasa Kadoya is Balrog, and he has lots and lots of powers. All joking aside, Tsukasa can transform not only into his own Rider form, but also he can assume the forms and abilities of his predecessors, and their main ability breakdowns will be expanded upon at the end. As the former leader of a multidimensional evil society, he has the ability to open portals between worlds. Whenever he visits a new world, he always seems to have a place in it, for lack of a better term. He will always remember his normal life, but also takes a role in the world, be it a member of Zect’s troopers, a chef, or a salaryman. (If you need more explanation, I will be happy to provide, he has a shitton of stuff and most of it won’t be used)

The different Rider power types are:
Kuuga: Transforming into different forms depending on the weapons that he uses.
Agito: Pretty much the same as Kuuga
Ryuuki: Card based rider with a dragon familiar
Faiz: Fairly standard Rider with an upgrade form that lets him move at super sonic speed for 30 seconds.
Blade: Same as Kenzaki Kazuma in the game (Card based with a sword weapon)
Hibiki: Music based Kamen Rider who uses drums as a weapon.
Kabuto: Moves extremely quickly to attack hyper speed ‘worms’.
Den-O: Mostly joke based powers and poses.
Kiva: Turns into variations of the Universal Monsters with different weapons.
Decade can use the powers of these Riders while he is transformed into them, but not when he’s in his base form.

Complete form: Summons the Ultimate forms of the various Riders for a single attack, similar to a Jojos stand.
Violent Emotion: Upgraded base form that lets him use the powers of the other riders in his base form.

Any of these can be ‘disabled’ and regained later on, if you would prefer.

INVENTORY; DecaDriver, RiderBooker, Deck of Rider Cards, A Twin Lens Reflex camera, magenta in color.

S A M P L E S;
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(I've removed the anchor tags, because for some reason, they're appending the journal to the start of the link)
OOC Information:
Name: Nick
Are you over 15? Yes
Contact: Plurk is best
Current characters in the game: No

He traveled the worlds, now he's a fashion photographer )
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It was a beautiful day in New Jersey, which might be an odd statement, considering it's New Jersey, but the statement stands. Tsukasa Kesswick was doing the final checks on the lighting for the photo shoot that he had set up. He had been looking forward to this one for a while, not because it allowed him to look at half-naked models, but because it allowed him to work with one of his favorite models, Misato. The two of them just seemed to get along very well, and he really enjoyed working with a woman as professional as she was.

His thoughts were broken by a yell from the back. "HEY TOMMY! You ready for the next shoot? We're wasting hours here." He sighed a bit, then turned. "Yeah, I'm ready Carl. Send Misato in when she's ready." With that, Carl left, and Tsukasa went back to working on his camera. Gotta get it set up perfectly, or the shots just won't come in right. He'd switched to a high powered DSLR recently, and he wasn't really sure how he felt about that. It got the job done, but he wasn't sure that it really felt the same as film. Ah well. It'll do for now. Maybe he'll switch back to film when he does his next shoot for the gallery. Sometimes, the imperfections that non-digital allowed make things that much better.
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This is Tsukasa Kadoya. Please leave a message at the beep, especially if you feel that you are worthy for my camera.

OOC Info

Feb. 12th, 2012 12:01 am
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Character: Tsukasa Kadoya
Player: Nick
Canon: Kamen Rider Decade
Game: [community profile] mayfield_rpg

Comments/questions/critiques/concerns? Contact me here Comments are screened. I'm generally a friendly person, so please feel free to chat. :)

AIM: cstrife010110
Plurk: kbrighton


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